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Sloane Stephens Foundation​

Compton, California

Using her passion for tennis and desire to create opportunities for the youth, Sloane Stephens founded the Sloane Stephens Foundation in 2013. This foundation hosts tennis academies for underprivileged kids who strive to learn and engage in tennis, but do not have the resources and tools necessary to do so.


Second Serve has assisted by donating lots of equipment such as shoes, rackets, bags, strings, clothes, balls, grips, and water bottles. Second Serve also helped provide each student in the high-performance group with one tennis racket and one tennis bag. 

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Kids Closer to Sports

Kihamba Village, Uganda

Kids Closer to Sports is a grassroots tennis project in Uganda, begun by Ben Nteza, a 16 year old boy. Their program gives kids in the rural areas and refugee camps of Uganda a chance to play the sport. Even while playing on a dirt court without shoes, the children Ben serves have found immense joy through the game.



Second Serve has supported Kids Closer to Sports by sending two big shipments that included a tennis net, shoes, hats, bags, and water bottles.

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Serving Up Hope

Kampala, Uganda

Serving Up Hope, a non-profit founded by two-time grand slam champion Vania King, provides tennis programs in Uganda and Chile to give the less fortunate a chance to achieve their dreams. 


 Second Serve plans to assist Serving Up Hope in Santiago and Kampala by providing them with rackets, shoes, jump ropes, cones, nets, and tennis balls. We plan to be their on-going equipment provider. 

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Inspiring Children Foundation

Las Vegas, Nevada

The purpose of the Inspiring Children Foundation is to transform the welfare of young people by developing an ideal model of education, athletics, and life-psychology in underprivileged communities.



Second Serve has donated over 130 items of tennis equipment to the Inspiring Children's Foundation. The foundation will use the equipment for their free tennis lessons and lend it to those who want to participate in them. We hope the equipment we donated brings a smile on those people who will need and use it.

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Argentina Tennis Association

Buenos Aires, Argentina

ATA is the tennis federation of Argentina. They promote the game of tennis throughout Argentina.


Second Serve was able to collect and send more than 300 items such as clothes, rackets, shoes and bags. In addition, we sent over more expensive equipment like nets. ATA’s goal is to utilize the equipment for their social programs that work with children in underprivileged areas. 

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SES Tennis Center

Tecate, Mexico

The SES Tennis Center was built and founded by Eduardo I. Sanchez, who achieved his life-long dream of constructing the first public tennis courts for the youth and citizens of Tecate, Mexico. The non-profit organization provides hundreds of children with free tennis lessons.



Second Serve has helped the children at SES by collecting and donating over 1,170 items, including racquets, bags, shoes, clothes, balls, and water bottles. Second Serve’s impact will help put smiles on the faces of hundreds of underprivileged children in Tecate, Mexico, supporting and spreading their love for tennis.

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Kasiisi Project

Kampala, Uganda

By educating the young children in Kampala, the Kasiisi Project aims to preserve and maintain the lands, rivers and biodiversity of Uganda's Kibale National Park. Their initiative reaches 8,000 children attending 16 primary schools on the forest fringe.


Second Serve has worked with the Kasiisi Project to kickstart a tennis program for the children who attend their schools. We have sent them equipment for them to begin the program which will help the children by expanding their learning opportunities and putting smiles on their faces.

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Nana Roseline

Lagos, Nigeria

Nana Roseline is a 6-year-old girl who wants to be the best tennis player. She started tennis at a very young age and she has been playing six times a week since she was three years old! She finds a way to play tennis wherever she can, whether it be under a bridge, in the sand, on the road, or just on the usual court. She has a goal of hitting 3000 balls a day!


Second Serve has sent a shipment of over 500 items to Nana and her friends in Nigeria.

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Crow Indian Reservation

Bozeman, Montana

The Montana Indian Reservation is an area defined by its massive poverty, and COVID-19 added a tremendous negative impact on the people in the area. After speaking with the Montana State Tennis Association, Second Serve decided that these communities would be the perfect place to donate equipment.


 We plan to visit next month to drop off more than 60 brand new tennis bags, sponsored by Deuce Kat, each filled with a racquet and a plentiful amount of tennis balls for them! Second Serve is very happy to be able to impact these children. 

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Pete Brown Jr Tennis Program

Los Angeles, California

Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program is using junior tennis as a tool to help kids develop character, improve physical fitness, and reach their highest potential in life. PBJTP holds tennis development programs at three parks, and they also offer a program for adult seniors.


Second Serve has supported Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program by volunteering in clinics and events at their sites and donating over 600 pieces of tennis equipment to their programs. Together, Second serve and PBJTP are giving kids the opportunity to achieve their goals through tennis, education, and community.

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Tennis and Tutoring

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tennis and Tutoring is an organization in Salt Lake City, Utah which strives to enhance the lives of underprivileged youth ages 12 and under. Tennis and Tutoring has created a wonderful community which helps these children reach and exceed their academic goals, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the tennis court.


 Tennis and Tutoring helps change the lives of underprivileged youth for the better, and Second Serve has aided in their mission. Second Serve has donated around 110 items, consisting of racquets, water bottles, clothing, and nets. Second Serve’s donations and help will aid Tennis and Tutoring in positively affecting the lives of many children.

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Manav Sadhna

Ahmedebad, India

Manav Sadhna is an organization in India that works to transform the lives of children who are underprivileged in India. Following Mahatma Gandhi's messages of "Love All, Serve All", Manav Sadhna has a variety of programs and opportunities for the underprivileged in order to better their lives. 


Aiding in the beautiful mission of Manav Sadhna, Second Serve has previously donated many shoes in order to allow children who previously played sports without shoes to play comfortably. Recently, Second Serve has also donated lots of tennis equipment in order to help start a tennis program at Manav Sadhna for children. Second Serve is excited to spread the wonderful sport of tennis to the underprivileged in India, and see the positive impact it will have on many childrens’ lives.

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Youth Tennis San Diego

San Diego, California

The nonprofit organization Youth Tennis San Diego is encouraging leadership, physical wellbeing, social development, and a competitive spirit in the youth of San Diego, California. YTSD gives kids a place to have fun and build confidence by providing kids who are typically unsupervised after school with an opportunity to play tennis at their neighborhood school.


 Second Serve has donated over 800 pieces of tennis equipment to Youth Tennis San Diego and has volunteered at several of their tennis events. With the help of Second Serve, YTSD will be able to touch the lives of even more children in San Diego.

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Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center

St Paul, Minnesota

The Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center offers tennis programs for kids of all ages and abilities. They have one of the largest, most competitive and most affordable Twin Cities Junior Tennis academies.


Second Serve is working to collect tennis rackets, bags, shoes, clothes, and more to send to the children of their program. We are so excited to be able to help these children find themselves in the game. 

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